Ten Facts about Paul the Octopus Seer

Paul known for it accurate predictions for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. However, not many people know who Paul really is. Here are ten facts about the octopus that was two years old as reported by the Telegraph.
  1. British-born male octopus
    Although now living in the Aquarium Sea Life Centre, Oberhausen, Germany, Paul was born in Weymouth, England, and moved from the Weymouth Sea Life Park (to Germany). A staff at Weymouth Sea Life Park, Fiona Smith, who had been taking care of Paul saying, "He never made any predictions when it's still here. However, maybe he was waiting for a big tournament like the World Cup to show that ability."
  2. Humans hunted
    An Argentine chef, Nicolas Bedorrou, so angry when Paul accurately predicted that his country teams will be defeated by Germany in the quarter-finals of World Cup 2010 South Africa. He even threaten to hunt Paul to be cooked. "We will chase and place it on paper. We will then beat it to make the soft meat and then put it in boiling water, "said Bedorrou.
  3. Great news
    Prediction Paul has invited the attention of many people because a German television station, NTV, often broadcast Paul prediction directly with two reporters standing next to the Aquarium so they can make the audience know how Paul make predictions.
  4. The biggest celeb in Oberhausen
    Paul is the most popular thing in Oberhausen, a city, which according to Wikipedia, an area of 77 square kilometers and a population of 214 000 people. During this time, the city was only known for having the largest shopping centers in Germany, the Centro.
  5. An almost perfect prediction accuracy
    Paul began to predict the outcome of the game since Euro 2008 Switzerland-Austria and it was predicting six games of Germany, with four of them right. He said Germany would win all the matches. In fact, Germany lost to Croatia. At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, so far, all of Paul's prophecy about the German right, including about they will lose to Spain in the semifinal.
  6. Can make you rich
    With forecasts like that, you can rely on it predictions before betting.
  7. Intelligent animals
    Octopus are intelligent animals and proved to have a strong memory. "Octopus like Paul is very intelligent. their intelligence similar to the dog intelligence, they love the problem and like to solve problems, "said Fiona Smith.
  8. Celebrities on Facebook and Twitter
    Paul became one of the most prevalent topic of conversation at social networking site. The phrase "Paul the Octopus" and "Pulpo" (Spanish for octopus) entered Twitter top ten.
  9. Without trick
    Paul predict the outcome of the game with the lid off one of two containers of food in the aquarium. Sea Life Centre Oberhausen Staff, Tanja Munzig, denied allegations that something was placed in one container. "There's no trick. Same food and everything in the two containers are the same, except the flag, "said Munzig.
  10. Not afraid of death threats
    According to his supervisor, Oliver Walencak, Paul was not afraid of threats of supporters who blamed him for exclusion of Not afraid of death threats
    According to his supervisor, Oliver Walencak, Paul was not afraid of threats of Argentine supporters who blamed him for exclusion of Lionel Messi and colleagues from the World Cup in 2010 because the 0-4 defeat of Germany.

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