Spain Vs Netherland: The Ultimate Game

Two teams with relatively different on playing characters; Spain with an impressive passing game, and the Netherlands with an explosive attack, will meet for the first time world champion. Both are countries with tremendous football tradition, has produced many stars in every generation, and has a respectable clubs in Europe. But never be a World Cup winner.

The Netherlands has twice reached the World Cup final, which was in 1974 and 1978, and was defeated by the host. Spain has always come to the World Cup with a collection of talented players, but only now can reach the final. For half a century, the status of Spain is underachiever. And the Dutch Difficult to restore golden era of total football. Holland showed his strength when beat Uruguay 3-2. Spain demonstrate the most impressive passing game while making Germany was helpless, and beat him 1-0.

Coach Bert van Marwijk openly admit the quality of the Spain game, and said that La Furia Roja is the best on earth at this time. Spain impressed with the performance of the Netherlands, who won consecutively in 14 games, starting from the qualification, friendship, until the World Cup semi-final. Spain started the World Cup with a 1-0 defeat of Switzerland. The defeat was the second time in 53 last games. Van Marwijk said he was not interested in seeing his team's record and Spanish. He also did not care what the world said, about who the most favored. "What we think about is how we play our style, and wait on the Spanish game," he said. Spain and the Netherlands are rarely met in a tournament. The last meeting occurred both November 1983, at the Euro 1984 qualifier in Rotterdam. The Netherlands won 2-1 through goals Ruud Gullit.

The Dutch will go down with his best squad. Gregory van der Wiel and Nigel de Jong, who absent against Uruguay in the semifinals, has been able to be a starter. In the stronghold of Spain's Fernando Torres is no longer a threat, but David Villa has the potential to make a third final defeat. Andres Iniesta is predicted to make the back of the Dutch defense apart.

Although able to play quickly with short passes, and excellent ball control, Spain is not used to playing open. Germans really know what to do to deal with Spain. They apply the counter-attacking play, but could not work.

The Netherlands is likely to play a quick counterattack, with long passes, but they must first paralyze the Spanish midfield in order not to suffer the same as Germany. Orange team has experience dealing with the short pass, like when it against Mexico, and they can cope with long passes.

Vicente del Bosque said he would not play like when facing Germany. He knew the Dutch had been preparing for its anticipation. "The Netherlands is a country with great football tradition. They want to finish the long awaited of World Cup trophy," said Del Bosque. "We must find other ways to deal with it," said Del Bosque.

19-06-2010 Netherlands 1-0 Japan
25-06-2010 Cameroon 1-2 Netherlands
28-06-2010 Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia
02-07-2010 Netherlands 2-1 Brazil
07-07-2010 Uruguay 2-3 Netherlands

22-06-2010 Spain 2-0 Honduras
26-06-2010 Chile 1-2 Spain
30-06-2010 Spain 1-0 Portugal
04-07-2010 Paraguay 0-1 Spain
08-07-2010 Germany 0-1 Spain

The Dutch situation
Bert van Marwijk squad perfectly healthy. Although a number of Oranje star break last Friday practice, Van Marwijk did not hesitate to play them all in this ultimate game. Goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg has problems with his hip, but he's a normal practice. Demy de Zeeuw, who had a problem with her teeth, do not complain anymore. But De Zeeuw and Khalid Boulahrouz will sit on the bench, because Gregory van der Wiel and Nigel de Jong came back from the penalty. The composition of Players prediction: Stekelenburg; Van der Wiel, Heitinga, Mathijsen, Van Bronckhorst, Van Bommel, De Jong, Robben, Sneijder, Kuyt, Van Persie

Spanish Situation
Like his counterpart in the Dutch camp, Vicente del Bosque will also play all of its core players. Fernando Torres likely sit on the bench, especially after Pedro looked impressive in the semi final. Spain requires Raul Albiol in this fight, but the defender could not compete. The World Cup was over for him since long ago.

The prediction of Players composition : Casillas, Ramos, Pique, Puyol, Capdevila; Busquets, Alonso, Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa

The players must be Observed

Wesley Sneijder:
Iker Casillas has warned his colleagues to not only focus on Arjen Robben. According to him, Wesley Sneijder is more dangerous, and being in the top of his game throughout this year. Sergui Busquets likely to escort him. But Sneijder certainly be able to overcome the difficulties in midfield.

In the semifinals, David Villa into oblivion because the figures did not score a goal. Pedro came to the surface, and the center of attention. In this fight, Villa is likely to heavily guarded Dutch defender. At that time, Padro will be a serious threat behind the Orange line. Pedro was 22 years old, has good technique, and kick hard.

Castrol World Cup Match Predictor sure chance Spain won the match 57 percent. But if Holland play like when defeating Mexico in a friendly match, Spain will be difficult. Netherlands should not give up when Spain plays Possession football in midfield. The Dutch seem to have learned a lot from Spain-Germany match.

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