Want To Master The Lessons? Take Tutoring

One time a student complained to me, "Sir I can not understand trigonometry lesson was delivered by a mathematics teacher. Then I asked, "why?" The student replied, "he was too fast in teaching so I difficult to follow". I asked again, "Why do not you ask?" "No chance sir" the student replied with a tone of exasperation. On another occasion I was chatting with a different student. These students had expressed different learning needs than first student. In the conversation I still remember, this student says, "I really want to master all the lessons sir".
From my conversations with two students earlier, arose idea in my mind to take the survey about students' learning needs. A few days later I realize this idea. I select a few students at random as a sample. After the survey terms and conditions are fulfilled, I began the survey by taking data from a sample through a questionnaire. There are some aspects that really want to be measured through the survey, but interesting discussion on this time is the students' learning needs.
The result, besides the need to understand the lesson better and the need to master the lessons in the school as two students had been disclosed, on these samples identified several other needs, namely the need to get good grades, to pass the exam , fear of failing the final exam.

The Motivator: Hope and Fear
After I tried to analysis, from all the learning needs of these students eventually comes down to two basic needs: hope to succeed in learning and studying, and fear of failure. Yes, there are only two basic needs, hopes and fears! This two things is what really motivates students to learn.
In the questionnaire sheet that I deliberately insert an open question, the question is like this: what would you do to succeed in learning? The answer are varies: study harder, reducing the time to play, form study groups, ask parents and get tutoring.
One time I went into a classroom and a review of the research. I say, "the most decisive success in learning is yourselves!". A student chimed in my statement, "what about the person limitations, for example, I did not master math". I replied, "it was only a technical constraint, if we have the 'hard motivation’, any obstacle can be conquered". " then, what should I do, sir?" Said the student was curious. "Involve others", I said. "How sir?" The more curious students were pursuing me with questions. "Ask someone who master the lesson, ask for guidance". "What if I take tutoring agencies?" Ask the students asked for advice. "That is one alternative that I think you can do"

Why Take Tutoring?
Tutoring could be one solution to overcome the learning needs of students as I point out in advance. Protruding from tutoring is a more personal touch, handling more specific and personal. tutoring is alternative for students who are not able to learn himself. Students only come to the tutoring provider and it will direct and guide students, The schedule is determined, the time is obvious. Even in tutoring usually also given special tricks to make easier and quickly mastering the lesson.

What is the Criteria for a good tutoring institution?
Many institutions offer tutoring to the student. But before you decide to choose tutoring service, we should have to first know what criteria a good tutoring service. The tutoring service is good if the agency have teachers who are well educated, taught appropriate skills, experience and able to understand students' personally.

Which institution should I choose?
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