The More Popular Status Symbol: Car!

Currently the car is considered by most people as a representation of a status symbol. Own status symbol can be interpreted as certain signs that distinguish a person with others, is a symbol of prestige that indicates that those who have it have the status or a higher degree than others. Actually, the status symbol not just cars, but can also ownership of elite houses, club membership, money and a lot of property. each person vying to have the objects regarded as a status symbol. various ways they use, there are legal ways, not a few others doing illegal ways to achieve what they want. then the question arises, why the people vying to have the things that become the representation of such a status symbol? the answer is because of the need to be appreciated, in terms of psychology known as self esteem need, such as the conceptualization of Abraham Maslow in the famous motivation teory: hierarchical need of motivation.
of all the things that became a status symbol, the car seemed more popular and have important role. This could be caused because the car is a status symbol that can be taken anywhere that can be seen by people in different places. car is a status symbol that can be taken and shown to people in certain places. while the home for example, to show that someone had a good home, someone else should be invited to see his house.

perhaps for that reason we know that the car trends changing from year to year. as well as the design and model, as is so varied and many options. current car models are more specific, more personal and tailored to specific needs. for family needs a van, for which there is a dynamic spirit, SUVs and so on.
for me, the number of car models from the different brand is confusing enough. for example, the manufacturer ford just launched several products for the next 2010 years, you can see it in 2010 ford, as well as with hyundai, you can see it in 2010 hyundai sonata. so needed guidelines and products knowledge to understanding the specification and characteristics of each car and so it will make you clear. to obtain accurate information about the car, you can access thecarconnection . Not only explanation only, you can even see all the pictures, for example you can see chevrolet suburban pics in it.