Do You Know: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, the Captain of Dutch National Team, is a Descendant of Indonesia?

The Netherlands qualified for the World Cup final in 2010, is not only a joy for Dutch citizens. Indonesia indirectly also feel pride in the passage of the Orange team to a World Cup Final in 2010.

What causes it? It's not a secret anymore, if the Dutch national team player several times filled by the descendants of Indonesia (Ambon). Starting from Tahamata Simon, a former Dutch national team players with 22 caps is the birth of Maluku, a region in Indonesia, until Giovanni van Bronckhorst in the World Cup in 2010. Moreover, they are the main pillars in the Orange team, just look at the Dutch captain at the World Cup in 2010, Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

Giovanni Christiaan van Bronckhorst (called Gio (pronounced "jo", born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, May 5, 1975, age 35 years) was a soccer player from Holland. Since 2003 he played in Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Eredivisie. It is usually given a position as midfielder or defender.

He strengthened the Netherlands on various international ranking tournament since the FIFA World Cup 1998 FIFA World Cup until 2010. On this last coach he trusted as a captain.

Bronckhorst was one of several Dutch national team player who has a descendants of Indonesia. His father is an Indo Bronckhorst while his mother came from Saparua, Maluku. One thing that is unique, even if Gio was born and has long been settled in the Netherlands, he could still communicate by using Indonesian with a thick accent of East Indonesia and distinctive, although he did not really have mastered all the vocabulary in Indonesian. He claimed to have that ability from his mother's original Maluku.

As a defender Giovanni van Bronckhorts rarely scored. Among those few, one of which is gorgeous goal nested in Uruguay yesterday morning. Who would have thought, that's the goal and then open the way for the Dutch victory.

By the age of 35 years, Van Bronckhorst's career was no longer long. Therefore, he chose the party's 2010 World Cup final as the last game as the Orange team. Defender who has 14 years defended the Dutch national team decided retiring after from the World Cup this time.

"Hopefully the final will be the most beautiful game in my life," said Van Bronckhorst, as quoted by the Associated Press. 'Last game in my international career was the World Cup final. Nothing is more fun than that, "continued the player's Feyenoord Rotterdam.

Career Van Bronckhorst was almost over after Euro 2008. However, coach Bert van Marwijk still give him chance. In fact, as the most senior age, Van Bronkhorst appointed as captain to replace goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, who retired from the national team.

Gio has 14 years with the national team. He made his debut when defended the Dutch against Brazil on August 31, 1996. Gio has passed 105 party with De Oranje. Still far from the record attached to Edwin van der Sar. But for Gio, it does not become important as the pride of the country already swelled.

Apparently, at the end of his career, Van Bronckhorst bring the Netherlands to the most grandiose world's competition. For players who original position at left-back, goals against Uruguay yesterday is very special. his hard kick touching the left goalpost before rolling hit the nets. He admitted that he was still celebrating the success of the Dutch entered into the final hour after the game ended.

Beside van Bronckhorst, there's more players Indonesian descent in the current Dutch national team, like John Heitinga, Robin Van Persie, Demy De Zeeuw and Nigel de Jong. Van Persie is a mainstay of Dutch front lines in South Africa and has 49 caps for the national team, is said to have Indonesian blood from his grandmother, while De Jong cited Dutch descent, Maluku and Suriname.

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